Hovokk – Galactic warrior (being part 3 of 5) 3.41/5 (11)

Part 3 of the English ebook-series, being a classic space opera-story from far worlds.

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As Brent is forced to desert after after a chaotic combat operation he flees into the wilderness of planet Markkis I – homeworld of the warlike “Markkya”. He is supported in this undertaking by troop doctor Polianna Reed. They are accompanied by the girl Rona, whose parents lived in a town of Markkis I before they were killed during a battle.
Their escape takes them in the reign of markkisian shamans and warriors, where they are welcomed by the locals. So Brent and his friends get to know a completely new world. However, the idyll of their new home is in danger when Brent’s past catches up with him again. . .

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