Hovokk – An ending and a beginning (part 2 of 5) English edition 2.89/5 (9)

The tale of our galactic warrior continues. After surviving the battle of Nativia, Brent is still wondering what happened to him. But there is no time as the next fight awaits him on planet Markkis I. Things start to get rude…

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Brent Carpico, a battle-hardened lieutenant of the Astrotroops, serves in the army of the forces of the interstellar League of Nations named “Hexagon”. During a mission to recapture starbase Nativia, he discovers paranormal skills for the first time. Thanks to those unexplainable skills, he not only manages to survive his most unfortunate mission as the only soldier. He is also able to defeat the numerically superior enemy. Due to the exertion, he faints at the end of his mission. Now his high command presses Brent on this issue. The events are evolving as Brent is sent to his next mission on planet Markkis I – the homeworld of the warlike „Markkya“ – where certain things will end and other things are about to begin…

Giuseppe Alfé
Giuseppe Alfé
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